Our Treatments

Shankar's Eye Hospital is an NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) accredited Eye Hospital offering a wide range of comprehensive eye care services.

Shankar's Eye Hospital render comprehensive eye care through excellent team work, earnest effort,exclusive service, service commitment & the eagerness to introduce ultra modern technology and treatment procedures.

The department is equipped with latest devices such as Slit Lamp, Auto Refracto meter, Keratometer, Indirect Ophthalmosope, Lensometer, Non Contact Tonometer etc which are essential for eye checking.

Usually the surgery involves a small incision of 6-8mm. Phaco surgery is done using Alcon Universal Phaco Machine with a 3.5mm incision instead of 6-8 mm incision.

For the first time in Kollam it is at Shankar's Eye Hospital, the Micro incision Cataract Surgery is performed using AMO Whitestar Signature Phaco Machine.
This surgery is safe and suitable even for diabetic and heart patients. It is pain less and doesn't need injections, stitches or bandages.

The damage occurring to the optic nerve due to the increase in the eye pressure is called glaucoma department is headed by specialist doctors . Shankar's eye Hospital has the facilities for early detection and treatment of glaucoma using the following hi tech equipments

  • Goldman Aplanation Tonometer
  • Non Contact Tonometer
  • Sonomed Pachymeter (USA)
  • Humphry Field Analyzer (Carl Ziess, Germany)
  • Nd- YAG (Carl Ziess, Germany)
  • HD OCT 4000 (Carl Ziess, Germany)

Facilities are available for early detection and treatment of Eye damages due to daibetes and aging. We have Machine like

  • Fundus Camera
  • Digital Flouorescein Angiography
  • Iris Medical Green Laser

Here we have the ultra modern facilities to detect and treat variations in eye sight, squint and cataract from birth itself, usually seen in infants.

Using this scan we can detect any disease connected with eye such as retinal detachment, Vitrous Hemerage, dislocation of the lens, intra ocular foreign body. Patients with damaged eyes must undergo the above scan.

The department gives adequate treatments to patients with severe eye infections and problems with eyelids.

Sometimes white spots occur in the transparent layer of the eye (Called Cornea). Then light rays will not be transmitted into the eye and this results in loss of eye sight which is calledcorneal blindness. Normally such patients can receive the cornea of a voluntary donor or of a dead person which is transplanted to the patient to retrieve his vision. Such a surgery is called Corneal Transplantation.

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